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Pictures of my slice and the original photograph below.

In the summer of 1999, one of the members of the Quiltart mailing list asked for people interested in making a "slice" quilt. There had been an earlier slice project and now she was organizing another. I thought it sounded like great fun.

The basic premise is to take a photograph and cut it into "slices." Each quilter then makes her slice (including quilting) to a predetermined size (in this case, 21" unfinished), working independently. Then all the slices are put together, and voila!

The photograph on which the above quilt is based was taken by Christina M. Freitag. The individual quilters are, from left to right starting with top row:
Nancy Gagne Walton, Sandra Sider, Jan Brashears
Blanche Batey, Linda Schmidt, Susan Druding
Joanna Schneider, Kathleen Loomis, Sue Brown
Joyce Hartley, Rebecca Stafford, Elsie Vredenburg.
The quilt was assembled by Kelly Simbirdi, who also spoke about this project on "Simply Quilts."


All text and images copyright 1997-2005 Joyce R. Hartley.